Monday, January 13, 2014

#251 - Brad Gulden

What a card: This is Brad Gulden's only solo Topps card. He appeared on the 1980 Topps Yankees Future Stars card with Bobby Brown and Daryl Jones and then disappeared until 1985.

My observation on the front: Somebody check Gulden's bat! It's glowing like it's plutonium!

More opinion from me: Gulden is one of those players I knew about long before he appeared on cards. He was a Dodger prospect and would appear in Dodger yearbooks in the late 1970s. I wanted him -- and every Dodger catcher prospect at the time, for that matter -- to replace Steve Yeager.

Something you might know: Gulden is one of the two catchers, Jerry Narron is the other, who played in the first Yankees game after Thurman Munson's death in 1979. He's also one of the few players who was traded for himself. The Yankees sent Gulden to Seattle for Larry Milboune and a player to be named in November 1980. In May 1981, the Mariners sent the Yankees the player to be named and it was Gulden.

Something you might not know: Giants manager Roger Craig's "catch phrase" in the late '80s was "Hum, baby." That phrase originated as a nickname that Craig placed on Gulden -- it was kind of his term for "scrappy."

My observation on the back: I love that 1.333 slugging percentage in 1980.

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Brian said...

All true/ false trivia questions have still been true, this is the first with an explanation. Getting closer to a false.