Wednesday, January 15, 2014

#252 - Dan Ford

What a card: Dan Ford was winding down his career and entering his final major league season when this card was released. He played in just 25 games in 1984 and would play in 28 more in 1985.

My observation on the front: Ford's smile is rivaling that of the cartoon Oriole bird on his cap. That's not easy to do.

More opinion from me: Ford's glasses are a trademark on his baseball cards. He appears without them only a couple of times, and each time he looks miserable ... and like he can't see a thing.

Something you might know: Ford was a key part of the 1979 division-winning Angels' squad, driving in 101 runs for that team.

Something you might not know: Ford posed for Playgirl magazine in 1981.

My observation on the back: It seems odd to fill everyone in on Ford's nickname of "Disco Dan" about five years after disco died. He should have been called "Breakin' Boogaloo" Dan at this point.

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