Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#257 - Bryan Little

What a card: This is Bryan Little's last card with the Expos. He had been traded to the White Sox by the time this card arrived in waxy packs.

My observation on the front: Little looks like he knows it's all over, doesn't he?

More opinion from me: This is one of the bigger mistakes in the 1985 set. Topps misspells Little's first name as "Brian." It's particularly strange because Topps spelled his name correctly on all other cards, both before and after this card.

Something you might know: Little is the brother of former Red Sox and Dodgers manager Grady Little. That throws me, because I always think of Bryan Little as a young rookie type and Grady Little as an old manager type. They can't possibly be from the same generation! (It turns out there's a nine-year difference between the two).

Something you might not know: Little might be the only major leaguer to bat on both sides of the plate in a single at-bat and not finish the at-bat. It happened in a game against the Giants in 1983. Pitcher Fred Breining threw two balls to Little and was replaced by Gary Lavelle. Little turned around and hit right-handed. He fouled off two sacrifice attempts and then was replaced by pinch-hitter Jim Wohlford, who flew out.

My observation on the back: That trivia question made me pause for a second. You don't see a lot of questions about the color of a team's shoes.

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