Thursday, January 9, 2014

#250 - Jesse Orosco

What a card: Jesse Orosco was entering the 1985 season having saved a career-high 31 games for the Mets in 1984, the best total of his 24-year career.

My observation on the front: Orosco looks like he's missing his left arm below the elbow.

More opinion from me: The last two posts on this blog have been about two of the longevity kings of baseball. Harold Baines owns the games played record for designated hitters, and Orosco holds the games pitched record for relievers.

Something you might know: Orosco is the subject of one of the most famous last-out celebrations in World Series history, tossing his glove to the sky and falling to the ground after recording the last out of the 1986 Series for the Mets.

Something you might not know: Orosco was a former teammate of all three players involved in the fatal boat crash during spring training in 1993. He pitched with Bobby Ojeda, who was injured in the crash, with the Mets. He also pitched with Steve Olin and Tim Crews, who died in the crash, with the Indians and the Dodgers, respectively.

My observation on the back: It's pretty cool that Orosco ran cross country. In high school, it's looked at as a nerdy sport. But in my experience, some of the coolest adults I've known ran cross country in high school.

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Rob said...

I once asked Rob Neyer in an ESPN web chat who, if he had to, would he elect to the baseball HOF as a middle reliever, and he said "Jesse Orosco I guess?"