Monday, July 24, 2017

#684 - Bill Doran

What a card: Bill Doran was coming off his sophomore season with the Astros (although he did play 26 games for the Astros in 1982) when this card was issued. He was firmly entrenched at second, appearing in more than 140 games for the second straight year.

My observation on the front: I spy dirt on Doran's uniform, which is appropriate for his style of play.

More opinion from me: The Astros never seemed to have a long-lasting second baseman until Doran came along. I didn't start following baseball until 1975 so I missed Houston's earlier history, but for years it was a rotating door at second with Rafael Landestoy, Art Howe, Joe Morgan, Phil Garner, etc.

Something you might know: Doran was the NL West champion Astros' starting second baseman in 1986 and set a bunch of career highs in 1987, his best season.

Something you might not know: Doran missed out playing on a World Series-winning team in 1990 after being dealt to Cincinnati in an August deadline deal that year. He played in 17 games for the Reds but then underwent back surgery that finished his season. He was checking into the hospital the same day the Reds clinched the NL West pennant.

My observation on the back: It's hard for me to picture mid-1980s baseball players selling insurance.

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Ben Sappitz said...

How about a mid-1980s baseball player (and World Series champ) still selling insurance to this day?