Thursday, July 20, 2017

#683 - Whitey Herzog

What a card: The Cardinals in 1984 completed their second straight average season after Whitey Herzog led St. Louis to the World Series championship in 1982. But it was an improvement over the disappointing '83 season and the Cardinals were on their way back to the Series in '85.

My observation on the front: I am intrigued by the jersey Herzog is wearing under his jacket. Is that a navy blue Cardinals jersey? Different.

More opinion from me: No doubt, Herzog knew how to manage. But he was the beginning of my dislike of Cardinals managers. He had this air about him like he would go off if someone said the wrong thing (I'm basing this mostly on an on-air scolding he gave Marv Albert during the NBC Game of the Week so maybe I'm being unfair). He seemed extra bossy.

Something you might know: During a golden age of naming a team's style of play after the manager, Herzog's style was called "Whiteyball," and its focus on speed and defense led the Cardinals to three World Series between 1982-87.

Something you might not know: George Scott played for the Royals and Herzog during the end of his career  in 1979. They got into a famous expletive-filled argument during a team meeting at Comiskey Park in Chicago. It was the first Royals team meeting for recent call-up Dan Quisenberry. After the meeting, Quisenberry asked pitcher Paul Splittorff "Are all your meetings like that?"

My observation on the back: I like the use of "skipper."

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madding said...

I'm guessing he's wearing one of these:

Definitely was a short-lived warmup jersey - maybe just used in 1984?