Wednesday, July 12, 2017

#680 - Jerry Reuss

What a card: Jerry Reuss was coming off an injury-plagued 1984 season when this card was released. He underwent offseason surgery to remove bone spurs from both heels.

My observation on the front: A baseball card that doesn't show Jerry Reuss smiling is not a baseball card of Jerry Reuss.

More opinion from me: Reuss did two things that solidified him as one of my favorite players of all-time: he signed and returned a couple of cards to me, and he commented on my blog. And he was already a favorite when he pitched for the Dodgers.

Something you might know: Reuss started the 1975 All-Star Game while with the Pirates and pitched three innings. His best season was probably in 1980 with the Dodgers when he finished second in the Cy Young Award voting and pitched a no-hitter against the Giants. He also was the NL Comeback Player of the Year.

Something you might not know: Reuss was traded from the Cardinals to the Astros at the start of the 1972 season because Cardinals owner August Busch didn't like Reuss' mustache.

My observation on the back: Reuss is a music fan and apparently put together a music reference book in the early 1990s that helped readers find music from 1955-79 on compact discs.

The blog wants to speak now: The Movies category is updated.

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