Friday, July 14, 2017

#681 - Ben Oglivie

What a card: Ben Oglivie had just completed what would be his final full-time season when this card was issued. After 1984, Oglivie barely managed 100 games in his last two seasons.

My observation on the front: Oglivie has a lot of interesting and fun cards. This is not one of them.

More opinion for me: Thanks to benchwarmer Ogilvie in the "Bad News Bears," I thought Oglivie's name was pronounced and spelled like the "booger-eatin' moron" in the movie for YEARS. I still have difficulty spelling Ben's name properly. It's "OGL" not "OGI".

Something you might know: Oglivie is the first non-U.S. born player to lead the league in home runs. He tied for the AL home run lead with Reggie Jackson when both hit 41 in 1980.

Something you might not know: Oglivie could start and finish the New York Times crossword puzzle in under five minutes.

My observation on the back: Oglivie was also given the politically incorrect nickname of "Banana Man" by a coach for the Tigers, Joe Schultz (the former Pilots manager).

The blog wants to speak now: Another early morning for the night owl, so I'll pass.


Pellegrini said...

Love your blog, sir! One thing regarding Bad News Bears, I believe Tanner referred to Timmy Lupus as the "booger eatin' moron", not Ogilvie.

night owl said...

Yes, you are correct. It took rewatching the movie recently to learn that. Never updated this though.