Thursday, July 6, 2017

#678 - Joey McLaughlin

What a card: This is Joey McLaughlin's final card for Topps. He was released by the Rangers at the end of the 1984 season.

My observation on the front: What a way to go out! That's a nice, tight look at the mammoth eyewear that was in fashion during the 1980s.

More opinion from me: I got Bo McLaughlin and Joey McLaughlin confused since they were pitchers in the majors at about the same time. And when I figured out they were different people, I couldn't believe they weren't related. (There was also a pitcher named Byron McLaughlin at that time. For whatever reason, I was able to tell him apart).

Something you might know: McLaughlin spent most of his career with the Blue Jays, leading the team in saves with 10 in strike-shortened 1981.

Something you might not know: McLaughlin's first major league appearance, his first major league start, lasted all of six batters. On June 11, 1977, he started against the Phillies, giving up a single and two walks to his first three batters. Greg Luzinski then hit a grand slam for a 4-0 lead. McLaughlin retired Davey Johnson on a fly ball, but then Garry Maddox hit a home run and McLaughlin was replaced with Steve Kline.

My observation on the back: I missed posting on McLaughlin's birthday by five days.

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fitzbits said...

This blog is great...I can't believe in his first MLB app., he was relieved by Steve Kline...the Tribe received Kline, Fritz Peterson and Fred Beene for fucking Chris Chambliss.