Tuesday, July 18, 2017

#682 - Doug Corbett

What a card: A bullpen sensation his first two years with Twins, Doug Corbett enjoyed a comeback season in 1984, appearing in 44 games in relief with a 2.12 ERA.

My observation on the front: You can see Corbett's set-up for his sinkerball in this photo. Corbett featured an interesting delivery in which his arm formed an "L" shape before he released the ball side-armed.

More opinion from me: The Twins featured a great group of rookies in the early '80s with Hrbek, Corbett, Viola, Castino, Ward and Gaetti. We had no idea at the time that most of them would lead to 2 World Series titles in five years, probably because we all thought Tim Laudner was going to be the best of the bunch.

Something you might know: Corbett was part of a wave of sidearming relievers that included Dan Quisenberry and Kent Tekulve. He saved 40 games for the Twins over 1980 and 1981. He's also known for getting the Twins Tom Brunansky in a deal with the Angels.

Something you might not know: When Corbett was granted free agency by the Angels after the 1986 season, the team still featured a pitching Corbett in rookie Sherman Corbett. When Sherman Corbett arrived at spring training camp in 1987, he found a new uniform with his name on it at his locker. Impressed, he tried it on ... and it didn't fit. The 6-foot-4 Sherman Corbett was trying on the old uniform of the 6-1 Doug Corbett.

My observation on the back: One of the Corbett's twin sons, Jason, suffered a collapsed lung a month after birth and nearly died.

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