Monday, February 27, 2017

#633 - Glenn Hoffman

What a card: Glenn Hoffman was in comeback mode when this card was issued. He lost his starting job to Jackie Gutierrez in 1984 and sat the bench for most of the season.

My observation on the front: Hoffman appears to have lost his right hand.

More opinion from me: Hoffman's inability to hit, particularly early in his career, did not go unnoticed in my household when I was growing up. He was the subject of a bit of derision.

Something you might know: Hoffman is the older brother of one of the best closers in history, Trevor Hoffman.

Something you might not know: Hoffman's career was undermined by cardiac issues that were discovered in 1986 after he experienced repeated faintness. He was cut by the Red Sox in 1987. (He later played for the Dodgers in '87 and the Angels in '89).

My observation on the back: The trivia question isn't quite clear. The record McCovey tied was most hits in a major league debut (4).

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Kin Kinsley said...

Was the need for a comeback related to the missing hand? Was it severed by Darth Vader's light saber?

Chris Johnson said...

I thought maybe he was going to star in a remake of the Fugitive.