Thursday, February 23, 2017

#632 - Bruce Bochte

What a card: This card marks Bruce Bochte's return to major league baseball. He took the entire 1983 season off. Depending on what you read, it was because he was disturbed by escalating players salaries or by baseball's management system.

My observation on the front: A rather pleasing card. For the most part only three colors in play, yellow, green and brown. (And white, for those of you who believe it's a color).

More opinion from me: Bochte is a pretty fascinating character. A deep-thinker, well-read person who cared about environmental causes during his career and even more fiercely after his career. These are the players that I'd love to write stories about, probably in an attempt to understand them.

Something you might know: Bochte's most successful years were with the Mariners. He was an All-Star in 1979 when he knocked in 100 runs and batted .316 in 150 games.

Something you might not know: Bochte is on the short list of people who may have coined the phrase "the Mendoza Line." Others on that list are teammate Tom Paciorek and the Royals' George Brett.

My observation on the back: Thanks to a handy updated article, I know that Bochte's daughters names are Sara and Dana and they are from his first marriage. His current wife is Pamela.

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jacobmrley said...

Until he started winning world series with the Giants, I really never could separate Bruce Bochy with this guy. Am I the only one who had this issue?