Monday, February 13, 2017

#628 - Rene Lachemann

What a card: Rene Lachemann managed the Brewers for nearly the entire 1984 season before being fired in his first year with three games remaining. George Bamberger, who managed Milwaukee from 1978-80, returned to take over.

My observation the front: There appears to be some easy-going observing taking place (spring training, likely) as Lachemann works on a little smokeless tobacco.

More opinion from me: I recall as a kid when Lachemann was named the Mariners' manager in 1981 thinking what a bizarre name "Rene Lachemann" was. I had no idea he was an A's catcher in the 1960s.

Something you might know: Lachemann was the first manager in Florida Marlins history. He lasted three-plus seasons before being fired in 1996.

Something you might not know: Lachemann was a bat boy for the Dodgers between 1959-62.

My observation on the back: Here we go again. Yeah, Rene had won 207 games, but he had also lost 274.

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Rob said...

I think MLB just posted a story on him, I guess it's the first time in 50+ years he doesn't have a job in baseball during spring training.