Thursday, February 9, 2017

#627 - Eric Davis

What a card: Indeed. This is Eric Davis' rookie card and the last of the coveted rookie cards from this set.

My observation on the front: Classic shot of Davis looking toward his future while wearing a necklace that may or may not feature his own first name (my eyes aren't that sharp anymore).

More opinion from me: Davis didn't break out with a great season until 1986. Since I didn't/don't hunt for rookie cards, I don't know if collectors overlooked this card the first couple of years. Prospecting wasn't a big deal yet.

Something you might know: Davis is one of just two players to hit more than 20 home runs and steal 80 bases in a season. Rickey Henderson is the other one.

Something you might not know: Davis once appeared on a stamp issued by the country of Grenada, commemorating the 1987 All-Star Game.

My observation on the back: Twelve consecutive hits also is the major league record (Walt Dropo, 1952).

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John Bateman said...

One of the top five iconic cards from this set