Tuesday, February 21, 2017

#631 - Bob Forsch

What a card: Bob Forsch missed much of the 1984 season when he underwent back surgery. He appeared in just 16 games. But he came back to appear with the Cardinals in the 1985 World Series and won 14 games in 1986.

My observation on the front: The background is tilted. You see that a lot in '70s cards, but I haven't seen much of it in this set.

More opinion from me: I blogged about Forsch on my '75 Topps blog. His rookie card was that year. Seeing him age from that point makes me feel old. Of course, Forsch died more than five years ago and that really makes me feel old.

Something you might know: Forsch won 20 games for the Cardinals his fourth year in the league in 1977. He also threw two no-hitters.

Something you might not know: Larry Dierker was a teammate of Forsch's brother, Ken, on the Astros and a fellow pitcher. Once when the Astros started a series against the Cardinals, Ken asked Bob if he could borrow one of Bob's bats. Bob gave him a bat. In the second game of the series, Bob was pitching. Dierker came to the plate and hit a home run off of Bob. The following year, Dierker joined the Cardinals. In spring training, Dierker came up to Bob and told him he hit the home run off of Bob with the bat Bob gave Ken. So, to sum up, Dierker hit a homer off of Bob with Bob's own bat.

My observation on the back: They're still the only brother pair to throw no-hitters. Both of their no-hitters happened in April. Bob's came in the ninth game of the season and Ken's in the second game of the season.

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Andy Diver said...

Will have to try and look up the story behind that lone save....