Friday, February 17, 2017

#630 - Tim Raines

What a card: Tim Raines was utilized more during the 1984 season than he had to that point in his career. He played in a career-high 160 games and set career highs for hits (192) and double (38).

My observation on the front: It must be very cold wherever Raines is.

More opinion from me: This really is one of Raines' best cards. I compiled a list of my 10 favorite Raines cards recently and this didn't quite make the cut, but come on, he played for 23 years and most of the 1990s. The guy has A LOT of cards.

Something you might know: You might know that he is one of only three people who can say they were elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2017.

Something you might not know: Raines is one of four major leaguers to steal a base in four different decades. The other three are Rickey Henderson, Ted Williams and Omar Vizquel.

My observation on the back: Retiring a number for an owner is goofy.

The blog wants to speak now: The TV category is updated.


Hackenbush said...

For a static, posed card everything works. The colors are great and the design compliments the pose. Very sharp! Doesn't hurt that it's Raines and the Expos.

Rob said...

One of the best looking cards in the set!

Jason Foss said...

It was always cold in San Francisco where this picture was taken. There was another set in the 70s where a lot of the in action cards were shot at San Francisco.