Friday, September 23, 2016

#579 - Ron Romanick

What a card: Ron Romanick was coming off his rookie season when this card was issued. He won 12 games in 229 innings pitched and finished seventh in AL Rookie of the Year voting.

My observation on the front: Romanick almost looks airbrushed into his Angels jersey and cap. But after comparing it with other Angels cards in the set, I'm leaning toward no airbrushing.

More opinion from me: The Angels logo from this time kind of gets the shaft in this set. Because logos were featured in a circle, Topps was forced to shrink the lean, tall California-shaped symbol.

Something you might know: Romanick won 26 games for the Angels in his first two seasons as the team battled the Royals each year for the title. He then struggled and was retired by 1989.

Something you might not know: Romanick tried a professional golf career after his baseball career ended, beginning on the Golden State Tour in South Africa in the early '90s. He refused to be interviewed, telling reporters to wait until he was on the PGA Tour.

My observation on the back: I don't know where the trivia question gets May 5, 1935. The first night game was May 24, 1935. The Reds' game on May 5 of that year was against the Giants at the Polo Grounds. It ended in a 2-2 tie in the 10th inning, called after a rain delay. ... So the answer to that trivia question is actually "false".

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