Monday, September 19, 2016

#577 - Chris Speier

What a card: Chris Speier spent all of 12 games with the Twins in 1984 after being traded from the Cardinals in August. He was with the Cardinals for only just over a month after they acquired him from the Expos.

My observation on the front: The airbrushing is appropriate given that the player he was traded for in the Expos-Cardinals deal also was airbrushed. It makes me assume that even if Speier stayed with the Cardinals, he'd still be airbrushed (only as a Cardinal). It also makes me wonder whether Topps had Speier airbrushed as a Cardinal and then had to paint him into a Twins uniform and helmet.

More opinion from me: I've said this before, but the background and airbrushing makes it appear as if Speier stuck his head into a large mural of scenery with a hole cut out in it.

Something you might know: Speier, the No. 2 pick in the amateur draft in 1970, was the Giants' starting shortstop in the early 1970s and enjoyed a rejuvenated career in his second stint with the Giants in the late '80s. His MLB career spanned 19 years.

Something you might not know: Speier's son, Justin, pitched in the major leagues from 1998-2009 with several teams. He was 10 when his father was traded from the Expos to the Cardinals. Chris Speier was having a difficult time in Montreal under manager Bill Virdon at the time. Justin's comment on his father being traded and the family moving was: "I'm going to miss all my friends, the house and school. I'm not going to miss Bill Virdon."

My observation on the back: Erika sang the Canadian National Anthem when she was 7 years old.

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