Friday, September 9, 2016

#574 - Joe Altobelli

What a card: This is Joe Altobelli's second Topps card as Orioles manager. His team didn't fair nearly as well as during his first year. After the Orioles won the World Series in 1983, they fell to fifth in 1984.

My observation on the front: Altobelli is a year older in this picture than I am now. I want to think I don't look this old, but I probably do.

More opinion from me: It was freaky at this time because the Orioles had a manager and it was not Earl Weaver. It took awhile to get adjusted to that fact. And apparently it took the Orioles awhile to get adjusted, too, because Weaver was called out of retirement to replace Altobelli in 1985.

Something you might know: Altobelli led the Orioles to the World Series title in his first season managing the club.

Something you might not know: That same year the Orioles won the World Series, they lost seven games in a row -- twice.

My observation on the back: Altobelli still lives in the Rochester area. He became a permanent resident there when he was the Triple A manager for the Orioles in the early '70s. He is legendary in the area as the only person to work for the Rochester franchise as a player, manager, general manager and broadcaster.

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