Tuesday, September 13, 2016

#575 - Pedro Guerrero

What a card: Pedro Guerrero was coming off a season-long slump when this card was issued. His struggles in 1984 mirrored the Dodgers' issues that year. But he would come back with a vengeance in 1985, probably the best season of his career.

My observation on the front: Man, look at that physique. No wonder Bill James called him "the best hitter God had made in a long time."

More opinion from me: Guerrero was my favorite player at this time. I had waited for him to show his stuff for awhile, since the 1970s. It's sad that he was traded away before he could win a second World Series.

Something you might know: Guerrero was named co-MVP with Ron Cey and Steve Yeager for the 1981 World Series, based on his five-RBI performance in the decisive Game 6 against the Yankees.

Something you might not know: After their World Series win in 1981, the Dodgers considered a potential trade that would have sent Guerrero to the Padres for shortstop Ozzie Smith.

My observation on the back: Guerrero would often wave his finger when he was on camera during a game. That finger wave was for his wife. It was their "signal" and he would do it when she was at the ballpark, too.

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