Monday, September 5, 2016

#572 - Tom Paciorek

What a card: This is Tom Paciorek's final card as a member of the White Sox. He would be traded in July of 1985 to the Mets.

My observation on the front: What do you think Paciorek hit here? Home run? Fly out?

More opinion from me: This is the third straight card of either a former Dodger (Paciorek, Charlie Hough) or future Dodger (Darryl Strawberry). The streak will end with the next card.

Something you might know: Paciorek started out as a top prospect in the Dodgers organization, but didn't blossom until he arrived with the Mariners in the late 1970s. His nickname was "Wimpy," which referred to the hamburger-loving character in the Popeye cartoons. Tom Lasorda supposedly gave him the nickname after a team dinner out in which Paciorek was the only one who ordered a hamburger instead of steak.

Something you might not know: Paciorek was once part of a video produced by MLB, called "Baseball Funnies and the Unofficial Baseball Handbook," on how to look cool when dressing for a game.

My observation on the back: Boy, that's a lot on John Paciorek on Tom's card. I also don't know how you can have "the best perfect batting average," although I know what it's trying to say. For a long time, the only card of John Paciorek was one of those Larry Fritsch One-Year-Winner cards. But he's since appeared in Obak, including an autographed card.

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