Thursday, July 31, 2014

#315 - Doug Sisk

What a card: Doug Sisk was coming off his best season when this card came out in 1985. He wouldn't come close to a season like 1984 for the rest of his career.

My observation on the front: I kind of remember Sisk as a big boy. He looks flat-out skinny here.

More opinion from me: Oh, if only Twitter was around when this guy was pitching. You think bagging on relief pitchers began with Jonathan Papelbon and Heath Bell? Mets fans used to wait for Sisk in the parking lot. And it wasn't to get autographs.

Something you might know: Sisk began his career as an unhittable sinker baller, one of the best. But after enduring bone chips in his elbow during the 1985 season, he lost his control, became very hittable and was one of the most vilified players in Mets history.

Something you might not know: Sisk holds the record for the fewest home runs surrendered per 9 innings for a career. He allowed 15 in 523 1/3 innings or .26 per nine innings.

My observation on the back: I tried and tried to find some reference to Sisk and his Olympic-like ability to fire a rifle, but came up with nothing. I am now wondering if Sisk pulled a fast one on Topps.

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jacobmrley said...

I learned some wonderful turns-of-phrase as a nine year old boy in the stands of Shea Stadium watching Doug Sisk pitch, some of which I use to this very day.