Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#312 - Marc Hill

What a card: Marc Hill had completed another season as the White Sox's backup behind the plate in 1984, playing in 76 games in support of starting catcher Carlton Fisk.

My observation on the front: Those seat railings at old Comiskey Park -- sometimes yellow, sometimes white -- always make for pleasing backgrounds.

More opinion from me: I am used to the clean-shaven Hill from his days with the Giants. He looks like a different guy here.

Something you might know: A good-field, no-hit catcher, Hill was a starter for the Giants in the late 1970s, but spent the rest of his career as a backup, mostly with the White Sox.

Something you might not know: The White Sox carried three catchers on their team in 1981: starter Fisk, backup Jim Essian and Hill. Hill played in just 16 games and managed just 6 at-bats and no hits. But he received a $5,000 raise for the 1982 season. "If they gave me a raise for going 0-for-6, what would they have done if had been 0-for-20?" Hill said.

My observation on the back: Hill's nickname "Booter" was created by Willie McCovey when the two played for the Giants. It was a combination of "Boot Hill" and "Bunker Hill".

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Stack22 said...

You could probably do an entire series of blog post on guys who backed up legends.

jacobmrley said...

No offense to Stretch, but if I am a backup catcher, I do NOT want the nickname "booter."

Byron said...

That's not Comiskey Park. Hill is in his away grays.

I think it's Yankee Stadium.

night owl said...

That's it. I'm officially done guessing stadiums. I'm inevitably wrong and called on it every time.

Brian said...

6'3" - 210? Go forward a couple cards and "skinny" Doug Sisk is 6'1" - 210. Something is off here.