Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#314 - Ron Oester

What a card: Ron Oester's stats dipped in the 1984 season, which he had just completed when this card came out. Although Oester would recover in 1985, it was actually the beginning of his decline as Cincinnati's starting second baseman. A broken leg suffered in a collision with the Mets' Mookie Wilson in 1987 wouldn't help matters.

My observation on the front: Oester was well-known for not wearing batting gloves, and you can see he's barehanded here.

More opinion from me: I've never worn batting gloves, so I don't know what the big deal is. But, then again, I've never played 162 games in a season.

Something you might know: Oester was a solid-fielding infielder who took over the second base position from the Reds' Joe Morgan, although he had to fight off Junior Kennedy for the job during the 1980 season.

Something you might not know: Oester's favorite player when he was a kid was Pete Rose. Rose got his 3,000th career hit on Oester's birthday, May 5, 1978.

My observation on the back: Several former major league players attended Withrow High School, including Tony Scott, who played for the Cardinals, Expos and Astros.

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hiflew said...

Another thing that people might not know is that Ron Oester is soon to be a Hall of Famer. He is in the Reds Hall of Fame class of 2014. Sure it is just a team HOF, but it still quite an honor.