Thursday, July 10, 2014

#308 - John Wathan

What a card: John Wathan was entering his final season as a major league player when this card appeared in packs. His career-low .181 batting average in 1984 was probably the writing on the wall but at least he stayed around one more year so he could get a World Series ring.

My observation on the front: Wathan appears to have hit the ball a long way to the opposite field.

More opinion from me: I remember being surprised at how quickly Wathan became manager of the Royals after playing so recently for the team. His last Topps card as a player is in the 1986 set. And then in the 1988 Topps set he appears as a manager.

Something you might know: Wathan broke a 66-year-old record when he set the mark for stolen bases by a catcher in one season in 1982. Wathan stole 36 -- a record he still holds -- to break Ray Schalk's 1916 mark of 30.

Something you might not know: Wathan's mother was stabbed to death by his step-brother in 1979 in a headline-making case. Two weeks prior, the step-brother, an actor, had taken his mother to see "Orestes, Orestes," a Greek tragedy in which a son fatally stabs his mother. The case grew even larger when the step-brother was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

 My observation on the back: More stunningly simple trivia.

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