Monday, July 7, 2014

#307 - Sparky Anderson

What a card: Sparky Anderson's Tigers were the reigning World Series champs as this card was released. The Tigers won it all in Anderson's fifth season with Detroit.

My observation on the front: Another miserably miscut card right out of the box.

More opinion from me: Anderson is one of those guys who I could never place as a young man. He seemed like he was always the old, crusty type. That 1959 Topps card of Anderson as a player seems like an entirely different person.

Something you might know: When the Tigers won the World Series in 1984, Anderson became the first manager to win a World Series title with an American League and a National League team.

Something you might not know: Anderson was a coach for the 1969 expansion San Diego Padres. Three of the four coaches for that team -- Anderson, Roger Craig and Wally Moon -- played in the Dodgers' organization.

My observation on the back: Anderson's 12 straight postseason wins came as follows:

1 - vs. Red Sox, Game 7, 1975 World Series
3 - vs. Phillies, Games 1-3, 1976 NLCS
4 - vs. Yankees, Games 1-4, 1976 World Series
3 - vs. Royals, Games 1-3, 1984 ALCS
1 - vs. Padres, Game 1, 1984 World Series

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