Friday, July 18, 2014

#311 - Jim Gott

What a card: Jim Gott was already a San Francisco Giant when this card was pulled out of packs. He was dealt by the Blue Jays in a deal for reliever Gary Lavelle in January 1985.

My observation on the front: I wouldn't say Gott is looking nervously behind him -- he is 6-foot-4 after all -- but it does make you curious what he sees.

More opinion from me: I remember Gott from his early '90s days with the Dodgers. He was pretty effective, until 1994, when I couldn't wait for him to get released.

Something you might know: All together now: Gott's last name means "God" in German and when he pitched against Tim Teufel, whose last name means "devil" in German, it was "God" vs. the devil.

Something you might not know: Two of Gott's six children have autism, one he had with his ex-wife, Clenice, and the other with his second wife, Cathy.

My observation on the back: Gott's hobby was famously featured on a Pinnacle baseball card in 1992.

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