Friday, May 23, 2014

#295 - Joe Niekro

What a card: Joe Niekro was closing out the most productive portion of his career when this card came out. From 1979-84, he was at his peak.

My observation on the front: The picture looks hazy. Not the clearest.

More opinion from me: I didn't like it when the Astros transitioned to these blue softball racing stripe tops.

Something you might know: Google "Joe Niekro" and "emery board" isn't far behind. The guy won 221 games in 22 years in the majors and all anyone wants to talk about is how he was caught on the mound with an emery board that flew out of his pockets when he was told to empty them by umpire Tim Tschida.

Something you might not know: When Niekro, who was player rep for the Astros in 1980, learned that players and owners had reached a deal to eliminate the longstanding threat of a strike, he kissed the waitresses in the restaurant where he was eating. (The thrill didn't last as a strike would mar the very next season).

 My observation on the back: Joe and Phil Niekro had been playing together in the major leagues for about 17 years at this point. I'm sure that blurb at the bottom was old news.

The blog wants to speak now: It's been a rough week. No speaking today.


Stack22 said...

Joe hit 1 homerun in 1,165 plate appearances. A 7th inning solo shot to tie the game at 2-2, and off of his brother.

Perhaps my favorite box score ever. There's a book to be written in there somewhere.

Phantom Dreamer said...

Great Astros jersey.