Monday, May 5, 2014

#289 - Tom Underwood

What a card: This is the final Topps card issued of Tom Underwood during his career. The Orioles released him after the 1984 season. Underwood would play in the minors for the Yankees in 1985 and that was it.

My observation on the front: I'm suddenly interested in who is wearing that red jacket in the background.

More opinion from me: As a kid, I loved Underwood's 1976 Topps card, featuring him with the Phillies and the rookie cup logo. I was disappointed when the Phillies traded him to the Cardinals in 1977.

Something you might know: Underwood's brother Pat pitched for the Tigers and the two pitched against each other in Pat's major league debut in 1979.

Something you might not know: Underwood once struck out 15 batters while throwing a 2-hitter for the Reading Phillies in 1974. He was pitching against Thetford Mines, which included on their roster Omar Moreno, Tony Armas and Willie Randolph.

My observation on the back: Tom Underwood pitched a complete game in the 1-0 loss to his brother to fall to 0-7 on the year. He gave up the lone run on a home run in the eighth inning to Jerry Morales.

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Jets Break Jaws said...

Only a 10 year career and they use the small font on the back? Do they really need all those tidbits on Underwood included on the back?

Brian said...

The man in the red coat could be Orioles Hall of Fame announcer Chuck Thompson. Just a long shot guess. See image below.