Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#196 - Pete O'Brien

What a card: This card arrived in packs right after Pete O'Brien's breakout season for the Rangers. He reached double figures in home runs (18) for the first time, drove in 80 runs and produced vastly better statistics than in 1983, all while playing in 12 fewer games.

My observation on the front: I can't tell whether O'Brien is enjoying a chaw or doing some weird tongue thing as he follows through on a swing.

More opinion from me: The red Rangers jersey tops aren't as great as the red Expos' jersey tops, but they are delightfully '80s.

Something you might know: O'Brien was the Rangers' regular first baseman of the mid-1980s. He set a team record with 92 RBIs in 1985.

Something you might not know: O'Brien and his wife Donna opened a flotation and massage spa in Texas after his retirement. If you want to hear O'Brien talk about "the theta state," then see this video on the spa's website. Personally, floating in a pool in a strange place, by yourself, creeps me out.

My observation on the back: The American League record is no longer held by the A's. The Brewers won 13 straight games to start the 1987 season.

The blog wants to speak now: The News category is updated with an NFL transaction that us Bills fans would never live down if it wasn't for Jim Kelly.

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