Tuesday, July 9, 2013

#191 - Steve Nicosia

What a card: Steve Nicosia was already a member of the Montreal Expos when this card appeared in packs. He signed as a free agent with Montreal in February of 1985.

My observation on the front: This is the second straight card in which there is weird scuffing on the surface (that makes it look like it's snowing). I barely touched these cards after purchasing a factory set. So that ain't me doing the scuffing.

More opinion from me: Nicosia has some pretty nice cards for a career backup catcher. This is not one of them.

Something you might know: During his rookie season, Nicosia started all of the odd-numbered World Series games for the Pirates in 1979. (Ed Ott started the even-numbered games). Nicosia and Kent Tekulve kicked off the Series-clinching celebration with a hug in the infield at the end of Game 7.

Something you might not know: Nicosia has four daughters. All of them were college athletes. Twin sisters Traci and Nikki both played softball for Michigan State.

My observation on the back: The trivia question is in error. The Padres pitched just seven shutouts in 1984. Dave Dravecky and Tim Lollar had two, and Andy Hawkins, Eric Show and Mark Thurmond had one apiece.

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Jeff said...

The Padres had 7 complete game shutouts, but as a staff had a total of 17 according to the 1985 Sporting News Guide. 10 combined shutouts I presume.

night owl said...

That makes sense. Suppose I would've figured it out if the "7" and "17" didn't make me think it was a typo.