Wednesday, July 24, 2013

#194 - Dave Stegman

What a card: This is one of only two cards of Dave Stegman issued during his career. He was granted free agency before the card even hit packs and never played in another major league game.

My observation on the front: A pretty cool photo for a guy with just two cards (his 1984 Topps card isn't too shabby either). Unique '80s-style White Sox uniform, great facial expression, bat in suspended animation. I like it.

More opinion from me: I still can't believe the White Sox wore their uniform numbers so close to their crotch.

Something you might know: Stegman was a force for the University of Arizona, leading them to the NCAA title in 1976 and setting school season records for hits, doubles, runs and walks. He once drove in 11 runs in a game.

Something you might not know: Stegman was a key figure in producing the longest game in major league history. On May 8, 1984, the White Sox beat the Brewers, 7-6 in 25 innings after Harold Baines' home run. But the game got to the 25th inning thanks to Jim Leyland, the third base coach for the White Sox then, and Stegman. In the 23rd inning, Stegman fell as he was rounding third base. Leyland helped him get up, which is a violation of baseball rule 7.09 (h). Leyland was called for interference and Stegman ruled out, extending the game.

My observation on the back: I can't stop mentioning this: I love the "no batting average" for his time with the Yankees in 1982.

The blog wants to speak now: An update to the ballgames category, although there's no ball involved in this one.

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