Tuesday, July 23, 2013

#193 - Jimmy Key

What a card: This is the first card of Jimmy Key in a Topps flagship set. He has a 1984 card in traded sets for both Topps and Fleer. Key had just completed his first season with the Jays -- exclusively as a reliever.

My observation on the front: Key's '85 Topps card looks very similar to his '84 Traded card. I believe the photos are from the same game. Possibly even the same pitch.

More opinion from me: For me, Key's emergence with the Blue Jays was the signal that the team had finally arrived as a franchise. More so than Dave Stieb, Tony Fernandez, George Bell, Jesse Barfield, anybody else. I don't know if I can explain that, but Toronto seemed legitimate with another homegrown pitcher on the mound.

Something you might know: Key enjoyed a breakout season in 1987, winning 17 games and finishing second in the AL Cy Young Award voting. He was first in the league in ERA and WHIP.

Something you might not know: Key is now a pretty good golfer who earlier this month was competing in the Palm Beach, Fla., amateur championship. You can hear him talk about how golf is too quiet in this TV clip.

My observation on the back: Key was so good as a "DH-pitcher" that he's the only player from Clemson to be named All-Atlantic Coast Conference first team at two positions in the same year (1982).

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jacobmrley said...

I am voting same pitch. The creases on the uniform are practically identical. This is a great photo.

MoltenLava said...

DH-pitcher. There's a combo you don't see too often.