Monday, July 1, 2013

#190 - Rusty Staub

What a card: Rusty Staub was entering his final major league season in 1985. This is his second-to-last Topps card issued during his career.

My observation on the front: This is a perfect illustration of Staub choking up on the bat, which he did a lot, especially when he had two strikes. Pretty unusual to see that from someone who hit 20 or more home runs four times -- although not that unusual for the time.

More opinion from me: It looks like Staub has been enjoying his own cooking a little bit. Staub was known as an excellent cook and once owned a couple of restaurants.

Something you might know: Staub was an original Montreal Expo and that franchise's first star player. He was actually part of two fledgling teams, the Colt .45s being the other, as he first played for them the year after they debuted. He also played for the expansion New York Mets, although a decade after they started.

Something you might not know: If Staub's mom had her way, he would be known as Danny Staub. But a nurse in the hospital where Staub was born nicknamed him Rusty for his red hair and the name stuck.

My observation on the back: I remember in the late '70s/early '80s, it seemed like Staub would change teams every year. It was a little difficult keeping track of where he was.

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Matthew R said...

Rusty came pretty close to the 3000 hit plateau. If he would have had a couple of full seasons after 1978 he probably would have gotten there.

jacobmrley said...

Rusty Staub is one of those guys who played forever and had many different incarnations. You have to wonder if all that variety cost him a shot at the hall of fame.