Monday, July 29, 2013

#195 - Glenn Hubbard

What a card: Glenn Hubbard was entering his eighth season with the Braves and his seventh season as the team's starting second baseman in 1985.

My observation on the front: I haven't talked about the high-stirrup look yet, so let's. When I started watching and playing baseball, almost all players wore their socks like this. It was just understood. That was the only way you wore them. I don't think I knew you could wear them differently.

More opinion from me: During the early '80s, probably during the Braves' sudden emergence as a contender in 1982, Hubbard was referred to as "the bearded wonder" by Vin Scully, who was working the NBC Game Of The Week at the time. He said it multiple times during telecasts, and it drove me and my brother crazy.

Something you might know: Hubbard is the subject of one of the most popular and talked-about cards of the 1980s, the 1984 Fleer card in which he's wearing a snake.

Something you might not know: Hubbard is ranked as the third-greatest fielding second baseman of all-time, just behind Joe Gordon and Bill Mazeroski in a book called "Wizardry: Baseball's All-Time Greatest Fielders Revealed." It's a statistically based book that mentions that the evaluation of Hubbard's 1985 fielding season was "controversial."

My observation on the back: Hubbard was a military child. His father was in the Air Force, which explains the German birth site and playing Little League in Taiwan.

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