Wednesday, April 25, 2012

#41 - Mike Fischlin

What a card: Mike Fischlin had just completed his third of four straight season with the Indians, mostly as a platoon guy at second, shortstop or third base.

My observation on the front: An action shot is probably best for Fischlin. He had some very dorky close-up photos with his first Fleer and Donruss cards in 1983.

More opinion from me: Fischlin played five seasons in the major leagues before Topps produced a card of him. Seems kind of mean to me.

Something you might know: Fischlin is now vice president of the Boras Corporation. He has worked more than two decades with sports agent Scott Boras. He was one of Boras' first clients.

Something you might not know: Fischlin was one of the players the Yankees dealt to the Astros to get Cliff Johnson in a June deadline deal in 1977.

My observation on the back: I'm desperately trying to avoid doing any research on the trivia question (as in WHICH championship series). So I'll just mention that Fischlin nicely mixed up his hobbies from the usual "hunting, fishing and golf" and threw "camping" in there.

The blog wants to speak now: The News, Pop Culture and Ballgames tabs are updated. Included are some highlights from the USFL. The USFL was cool. For awhile.


Brian said...

Two things stand out on this one. Not many ballplayers are as slight of frame these days, and not many ballplayers choke up like that these days. Maybe there is a connection between the two.

Derek DiBenedetto said...

Let's see: Couldn't hit (.220 career average), had no power (3 career HR and 28 doubles over 10 seasons and over 1,000 at-bats) and couldn't really field either (.959 career percentage). Why was he in the majors again?