Sunday, April 15, 2012

#37 - Reid Nichols

What a card: This is Reid Nichols' final card with the Red Sox. He debuted on cards in 1982 with the Red Sox, but would move on to the White Sox, and then finally the Expos where his career finished in 1988.

My observation on the front: The return of the mustache! Nichols first appeared on cards with a mustache in '82. But in sets over the next two years, the mustache was gone. It returns in '85 and would remain for another year before disappearing again in 1987.

More opinion from me: Nichols' mustache always looked drawn on to me. And yes, I've written way too much about someone's mustache.

Something you might know: Nichols is one of the more successful directors of player development in the major leagues. He's been in that role for the Brewers since 2003, and before that he held the same job with the Rangers. The Brewers have vastly improved their farm system in Nichols' time there.

Something you might not know: Nichols' daughter, Kendall, played volleyball for Liberty University, a Christian college in Virginia founded by former televangelist Jerry Falwell.

My observation on the back: Ouch. A high school reference. Nichols had played five years in the majors by this point. Find some game where he had three hits or something.

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Brian said...

I'm just finding this blog three and a half years after it started and loving it. Thank you!

I felt bad seeing zero comments for this one hence the odd location for an introduction.