Wednesday, April 18, 2012

#38 - Jackie Moore

What a card: Jackie Moore's only full season as a major league manager was in 1985 for the A's. He appears on manager cards in the 1984 Traded, 1985 and 1986 base sets, and that's it.

My observation on the front: My, my, my, Jackie looks like a happy guy.

More opinion from me: Topps didn't quite get the color shades right for the A's. You can see the green and yellow is much brighter and simplistic compared with what the A's actually wore.

Something you might know: Moore played just one season in the major leagues. He played 21 games as a catcher for the Detroit Tigers in 1965.

Something you might not know: Moore was part of the coaching staffs for two brand new teams, the 1969 Seattle Pilots and the 1977 Toronto Blue Jays. He just missed being part of a third, as he joined the Texas Rangers in 1973, one year after their first season (Moore still coaches with the Rangers today).

My observation on the back: Moore was a member of the A's coaching staff before being named manager????? You don't say.

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Spiff said...

Not sure if you can classify the 1972 Texas Rangers as a "brand new team" since they were formed in 1961 and played for eleven seasons in Washington before moving.

night owl said...

I'm aware. An entirely new location and an entirely new team name is new enough to me.