Wednesday, March 14, 2018

#766 - Paul Mirabella

What a card: Paul Mirabella appeared in 52 games in 1984, his first season with the Mariners. It would be his most games pitched in a single season for his 13-year career.

My observation on the front: I like the stadium seats background effect.

More opinion from me: Mirabella kept that mustache with him his entire career. He got rid of the fu manchu look late in the career, but overall rather impressive to stay that consistent.

Something you might know: Mirabella was part of two large deals involving the Yankees in back-to-back years. He came to New York as part of the deal that sent Sparky Lyle to Texas. That trade also netted the Yankees Dave Righetti. The following year, Mirabella went to Toronto along with Chris Chambliss and Damasco Garcia for Rick Cerone and Tom Underwood.

Something you might know: Mirabella was the only member of the short-lived 1989-90 Senior League to return to the majors for more than a few games. The Brewers picked him up in 1990 and he appeared in 44 games for Milwaukee.

My observation on the back: I see we're back to Trivia Questions for Idiots.

The blog wants to speak now: The News category  is updated with more baseball meeting trade news, this time with a speculated big-name trade that never happened.

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Byron said...

I wonder if the Orioles gave him a World Series ring?