Tuesday, November 14, 2017

#724 - Oscar Gamble

What a card: Oscar Gamble played in just 54 games for the Yankees in 1984, batting a mere .184. He moved on to the White Sox after the season but this is his final Topps flagship card.

My observation on the front: Gamble's afro steadily decreased in size through the '80s but it's noticeably smaller here.

More opinion from me: Another severely off-center card right out of the box. This couldn't have happened with, oh, say, Bob Kearney or someone a little less prominent?

Something you might know: Gamble was part of the "Southside Hitmen" that ruled the White Sox during the 1977 season. He set career highs in home runs (31) and RBIs (83) that year.

Something you might not know: Gamble opened a disco in 1976. His brothers ran the club.

My observation on the back: Juanita's afro was just as large as Oscar's and hers was first.

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