Friday, November 10, 2017

#723 - Dave Stewart

What a card: Dave Stewart was coming off his first full season with the Rangers when this card was issued. He set career highs for losses (14) and home runs allowed (26) in 1984.

My observation on the front: Stewart always looks bad-ass on his cards, even when he was lousy.

More opinion from me: The mid-80s Stewart cards remind me of how sad I was that the Dodgers traded him.

Something you might know: Stewart won 20 games four straight seasons from 1987-90.

Something you might not know: Stewart once threw a wild pitch that scored three runs while pitching for the Dodgers in 1983. During a July 11 game against the Cardinals, Stewart replaced starter Fernando Valenzuela in the sixth inning after Valenzuela walked opposing pitcher Bob Forsch to load the bases with the Dodgers ahead 3-2. Stewart walked the first batter he faced, Tom Herr, but his fourth ball went wild past catcher Steve Yeager. The runner on third, David Green, scored. The runner on second, Glenn Brummer, scored. And Forsch scored when Yeager's throw to Stewart, who was covering the plate, went past Stewart and backups Bill Russell and Pedro Guerrero. The Cardinals scored five runs in the inning to go ahead 5-3. But the Dodgers won in the 9th, 7-6, on a home run by Dusty Baker.

My observation on the back: Stewart didn't become an accountant, but he did become an agent and a general manager. So he was still dealing with people's money.

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Jamie Meyers said...

He was intense on the field and always looked scary and bad ass out there. I met him several years ago at a minor league game and he couldn't have been nicer.