Friday, September 1, 2017

#698 - Jorge Bell

What a card: Jorge Bell was coming off his breakout season when this card was issued. In his first season as a regular, he delivered 26 home runs and 177 hits for the Blue Jays in 1984.

My observation on the front: Topps was the last holdover in listing Bell's first name as "Jorge." In 1984, Fleer also called him "Jorge." But by 1985, both Donruss and Fleer had gone over to "George." Topps wouldn't list Bell as "George" until its 1987 set.

More opinion from me: Another miscut card. That's two in a row.

Something you might know: Part of Toronto's acclaimed outfield that also included Lloyd Moseby and Jesse Barfield, Bell was the American League MVP in 1987, hitting 47 home runs and driving in 134 runs for the pennant-contending Blue Jays.

Something you might not know: Bell's son, also named George, is a teenage international prospect who signed with the Oakland A's in 2016.

My observation on the back: I wasn't aware (or forgot) that the Brewers once didn't have names on the back of their uniforms. They do now.

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