Monday, September 11, 2017

#701 - Eddie Murray All-Star

What a card: Eddie Murray kicks off the final subset of the '85 Topps set, the all-star subset. Murray led the league in intentional walks in 1984, receiving 25.

My observation on the front: If I could return one thing to the modern Topps flagship set, it would be spring training photos.

More opinion from me: I'm changing things up just a bit for this subset since all of these cards are repeats of players who have other cards in the set.

All-Star performance: Murray went 1-for-2 in the 1984 All-Star game, hitting a pop-fly double into short left-center field off of Dwight Gooden in the sixth inning. He also struck out against Goose Gossage in the ninth inning.

Legitimate All-Star card or fake All-Star card?: Fake. Murray did not start the '84 All-Star Game at first base for the American League. Rod Carew did. And Carew didn't even get an all-star card! (Note: I am going by the standards for all-star cards that Topps used between 1975-80).

My observation on the back: I don't think there has been anything more 1980s in this entire set than Game-Winning RBI leaders.

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Rob said...

I don't know if you caught the "Fastball" documentary on Netflix (it's great), but they asked Murray whose fastball he hated facing the most and he said Gossage.

Jeff said...

Never realized until this post that Murray went back to back cards.