Wednesday, September 13, 2017

#702 - Damaso Garcia All-Star

What a card: Damaso Garcia finished second in the American League in being hit by a pitch, getting whacked nine times in 1984.

My observation on the front: So far this subset has a puffy clouds theme going. Let's keep it up.

More opinion from me: This card is ragged on the top and bottom edges. Not quite O-Pee-Chee edges, but it does have cutting issues.

All-Star performance: Garcia went 0-for-1 in the 1984 All-Star Game, coming in as a defensive replacement in the sixth inning. He hit a foul pop up against Mario Soto to close out the eighth inning.

Legitimate All-Star card or fake All-Star card: Once again, fake All-Star. Lou Whitaker started for the American League in 1984, yet Whitaker didn't get an All-Star card. (Although he did appear in the Topps glossy All-Star set issued in '85).

My observation on the back: You can see the miscutting on the back with ever-so-slight evidence of another card on the upper right edge.

The blog wants to speak now: The Pop Culture tab is updated.

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