Friday, June 17, 2016

#544 - Bruce Kison

What a card: Bruce Kison was entering the final season of his 15-year major league career when this card was released. He had already signed with the Red Sox by the time most pulled this card out of packs.

My observation on the front: Kison appears lost in thought.

More opinion from me: This should be a party game: One person yells out a baseball player's name, and the other person yells out the first card they think of with that player on it. Oh, I don't know who wins the game, but the first card I think of for Kison is his 1975 Topps card (P.S.: '75 would be my answer for a lot of cards).

Something you might know: Kison pitched in two World Series for the Pirates in 1971 and 1979. He won the first World Series night game in 1971.

Something you might not know: During the same Series night game that Kison won, he also set the World Series record for most hit batters in a Series game when he hit Davey Johnson, Frank Robinson and Andy Etchebarren. (P.S.: Just a phenomenal story about Kison in SI by Pat Jordan the following spring after that Series).

My observation on the back: "Awkward hop" ... a likely story.

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