Friday, June 3, 2016

#539 - Aurelio Lopez

What a card: Aurelio Lopez was coming off his most famous season as a major leaguer when this card was issued. The 11-year MLB veteran was the Tigers' set-up man for closer Willie Hernandez en route to the World Series title.

My observation on the front: I've said this multiple times, but I love the photos of Tiger Stadium in this set.

More opinion from me: I remember Senor Smoke as being much rounder. Must be some trick photography here.

Something you might know: Well, you've got to know that trivia question. There are three major league players with the first name Aurelio (Lopez, Rodriguez and Monteagudo). What else do they have in common? They all died in automobile accidents.

Something you might not know: Lopez was the first player in major league history to receive a salary cut in arbitration. Lopez earned $285,000 in 1982 and asked for $315,000. He received $250,000.

My observation on the back: Three of the Pirates' five starters in 1984 had ERAs under 3 (John Candelaria, Rick Rhoden and Larry McWilliams). Three relievers also recorded ERAs between 2 and 3 (Rod Scurry, Cecilio Guante and Kent Tekulve). But the Pirates finished dead last in the NL East.

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Dr. G. H. Wolf @ NCC said...

An underrated contributor on the '84 champion Tigers, Lopez logged 137 innings and change in relief that season. That would be worth a 10 million dollar annal contract in 2016. He was the Big Dawg.