Wednesday, June 15, 2016

#543 - Mike Squires

What a card: This is the final Topps card issued of Mike Squires during his career. He would play in just two games for the White Sox in 1985, after being re-signed by Chicago in September. They had released him in March.

My observation on the front: Squires was known for his fielding, so it's appropriate that he's in the field on his final card.

More opinion from me: Not sure about that facial expression. Blowing a bubble, I hope?

Something you might know: Squires won a Gold Glove in 1981 and was used primarily as a defensive replacement, particularly later in his career. He was one of the few left-handed throwing catchers in modern times, appearing behind the plate on May 4, 1980. He also played third base several times, another rarity for lefties.

Something you might know: After his career, Squires would officiate high school basketball games regularly in his native Kalamazoo, Mich.

My observation on the back: The days of 70,000-plus baseball stadiums are long gone. The largest capacity baseball stadium now is Dodger Stadium at 56,000.

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Johngy said...

One of my favorite players of all time.