Wednesday, June 1, 2016

#538 - Keith Moreland

What a card: Keith Moreland was entering what many consider his most productive major league season when this card was issued. He would compile 180 hits and knock in 106 in a career-high 161 games in 1985.

My observation on the front: I like this card. Back then, you didn't see the full back of a player's uniform very often. Now, it's kind of a Topps cliche. But it was different then.

More opinion from me: Moreland appears mildly irked by something.

Something you might know: Moreland was a versatile player who batted .333 in the 1980 World Series for the Phillies as a rookie and then batted the same for the Cubs in the 1984 NLCS against the Padres.

Something you might not know: Moreland's nickname "Zonk" began when he was playing Class A ball in Spartansburg, S.C. Moreland and some of his teammates would play "water football" in the shallow end of a swimming pool. Moreland was tough to tackle so his fellow players would compare him to former Dolphins fullback Larry Csonka.

My observation on the back: Gooden remains the youngest player to appear in an All-Star Game. Bryce Harper was 19 when he debuted in the 2012 All-Star Game, but Gooden was younger by a little more than a month.

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Rob said...

My aunt went to high school with Keith Moreland. That really impressed me as a kid...

Dr. G. H. Wolf @ NCC said...

Moreland also had the untenable task of replacing Cubs' legend, Ron Santo, in the radio broadcast booth as Pat Hughs' partner in the 2011 season after the Hall of fame third sacker died. That was definitely the most difficult assignment Moreland ever had.