Tuesday, April 26, 2016

#527 - Checklist, Cards 397-528

What a card: We've arrived at the 4th checklist in the set. Not much to see here though.

My observation on the front: After some colorful borders on the first two checklists, the second two have featured solid black. I have a feeling all of the borders were supposed to be black.

More opinion from me: Can you imagine someone pulling this checklist before realizing there was a U.S. Olympic team subset? "Who the hell is John Hoover?"

Something you might know: Two players on the front of this checklist went on to be major league managers (Bud Black, Mike Hargrove).

Something you might not know: Oddibe McDowell was the most insignificant player to appear at card number 400 in a Topps flagship set up to this point. And he wouldn't be challenged for that honor until Henry Rodriguez, struggling to get into the Dodger lineup, was placed at 400 in the 1995 set.

My observation on the back: The previous checklists have given you a decent glimpse of the cards to come in the set. But this checklist appears so late that you get a peek at only the next card to come.

The blog wants to speak now: Not tonight. Gotta get up way too early.

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Rob said...

Still blows my mind that a checklist card can be listed on its own checklist card.