Friday, April 22, 2016

#526 - Dave Palmer

What a card: Dave Palmer returned to the Topps set in 1985 after being left out of the 1984 set due to missing the entire 1983 season with another injury to his right elbow. He missed all of the 1981 season because of an injury to the same elbow.

My observation on the front: There's Palmer straining that right elbow now.

More opinion from me: Palmer is from Glens Falls, N.Y., which also produced major league pitchers Dave LaPoint and Randy St. Claire at around the same time. This is puzzling because Glens Falls is a very small city north of Albany and the weather in upstate New York is rather hostile toward high school baseball.

Something you might know: Palmer pitched a five-inning, rain-shortened perfect game against the Cardinals on April 21, 1984. The game was removed from the list of MLB no-hitters in 1991 because it was not a full, 9-inning game.

Something you might not know: The famed clip of Palmer "tripping himself" and falling face first over third base was called "the blooper of the year" by Rafael Palmeiro.

 My observation on the back: You hear a lot about the maximum number of players on a roster, but not a lot about the minimum. I just had to search around for a few minutes to find mention of the 24-player minimum.

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